United Painting

In 2019 Egeriado entered a two-year partnership with United Painting to support them in a Pan-European project within their United Painting Academy.


For over 12 years United Painting has been successful in globally establishing art-interventions in vulnerable areas, with their distinctive bottom up and action based approach. A thorough study of local circumstances, close and respectful collaboration with residents and organisations/authorities on-site, and professional guidance are crucial in all their projects. Art is used as stimulation, an injection, through which movement is created and a mentality-change is realised: the neighbourhood is given a face and thereby it’s residents a voice! Demoralisation and negativity make way for hope and optimism. The ultimate goal of these art-interventions is sustainable social and economical self-reliance. Concrete improvements for, in and of the neighbourhood; also long-term.


To be able to steer more impact the ‘United Painting Academy’ was established. In the Academy knowledge and research is collected and documented with the objective to experiment, inspire and guide. To continuously improve projects and to enhance the strength of others; to provide local leaders and role models with tools to intervene in their own neighborhood and to independently improve their conditions in a proven and sustainable way.


The support from Egeriado will enable United Painting to roll out a Pan-European project within the United Painting Academy. This not only provides for five art-interventions but also ensures the handover of knowledge to local stakeholders, and provides for a sustainable future of their projects. Furthermore, these five art-interventions will also serve as valuable case studies within the United Painting Academy, so anyone around the world can directly apply their proven method.

For more information: https://favelapainting.com/

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