Refugee Company

Egeriado entered a consecutive one-year partnership with Refugee Company in 2020.


Refugee Company was founded in 2015 with the aim to help refugees become both socially and economically independent. Research shows that it is best to start with economic integration in an early stage, even when people are still in procedure. At Refugee Company people are active from day one in a learn & work trajectory and are supported in building a network and portfolio. Refugee Company offers with its Re-Start program a learn & work trajectory of 6 months to 3 years. The participants are also supported in learning the Dutch language, naturalization, personal development, and well-being. The program starts with a learn & work trajectory in the safe spaces of their social enterprise ‘A Beautiful Mess’.

With the products and services offered in the A Beautiful Mess restaurant, coffee bar, and makerspace, they act to promote a positive image around refugees in our society. By this, it is their ambition to reach as many people as possible.


Since the foundation of Refugee Company more than 120 people have moved into jobs. In 2018 200 people were active in programs, 1000 refugees were part of the community, and 30.000 lives were touched through participation, voluntary work, expert sessions, guests and purchases of products.


With the support of Egeriado 10 trainees will be able to follow the Re-Start program and mentored the coming 3 years.

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