Refugee Company

In 2024 Egeriado re-entered into a two-year partnership with Refugee Company to support them with the further development and expansion of their Pre-Start program in the Netherlands.


Refugee Company was founded in 2015 with the aim to reduce the gap on the labor market for people with a refugee background, and to make society more inclusive. The word refugee is crossed out to emphasize that those who flee to the Netherlands are above all human, and every human has a right to live in peace and be happy. Such existence often starts with finding a job, as a job gives fulfilment and increases a sense of self-worth. Furthermore, it enhances the integration in Dutch society. Refugee Company offers paid and voluntary jobs, and learn-work programs within their social enterprises, e.g. A Beautiful Mess Restaurant. The goals is that people eventually move onto an enjoyable paid or voluntary job or a fitting education.


The Pre-Start program is for those who haven’t yet received an official residence status, and as such is not directly aimed at job guidance. It is aimed at: participating from day one and building a network, so you feel seen and treated like a human being. This offers new Dutch citizens a kick-start and shortening of the integration time towards a meaningful life in their new home country. They are activated from day one and have made a start with building a network in the Netherlands. They know their way in finding psychosocial support when necessary and have rediscovered their talents. This way they can take their next integration steps within the Netherlands with more confidence and rebuild a meaningful life.

From 2021-2023 Egeriado supported Refugee Company with the initial development of the Pre-Start program in Utrecht. Building upon this success it is now time to scale this project and open Community Cafes at more azc-locations in the Netherlands.


The support of Egeriado will enable Refugee Company to realize the further development of their Pre-Start program and the roll-out at more azc-locations in the Netherlands.

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