Petje af

In 2020 Egeriado entered a three-year partnership with Petje af to support them in the expansion of national coverage with their Petje af-program.


The goal of Petje af is a society wherein all children receive equal opportunities to discover their talents and make them applicable for their future. At Petje af curious children (age 10 – 14), who need extra support, can discover the world. With the Petje af-program they get insight into their motives, interests, talents and possibilities. The activities help them answer questions such as: What am I good at? (qualities), What do I find interesting? (motives), What are the possibilities the world has to offer? (exploration), How do I get there? (career guidance), and Who can help me with this? (network). The Petje af-program contributes to a better welfare and helps break the negative spiral these children and their families are in.


The Petje af-program consists of 30 Sundays. 28 Sundays are divided into 7 theme blocks of 4 weeks. Each theme block represents a profession/work field. The children are taught by guest teachers who work in the work field and they also get to experience that profession in practice when the teacher invites them to their work field. Every 3rd Sunday of a block the children make a creative presentation for their family. And there are also 2 Sundays for talent-talks where the children and their parents dive deeper into the development and personal learning objectives of the child with a coach. With this donation Petje af can create more spots for more children by increasing the groups within current local boards, enlarge their national network and collaborations, and increase the internal knowledge-sharing by setting up a digital knowledge database.


The support from Egeriado will enable Petje af to structurally expand the Petje af-program and significantly increase the number of spots for children.

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