Koos de Koala

Koos de Koala

In June 2022 Egeriado entered a one-year partnership with stichting Koos de Koala to support them with the development, testing and roll-out of their Climate Education program.


Stichting Koos de Koala was founded to teach children in primary school how to take good care of the earth. Via an interactive Koos de Koala education program, kids and their families are exposed to big climate themes in an accessible way and they learn about changing climate and the consequences for humans, animals and nature. The first step towards change and action is creating awareness. Based on the input of teachers and school leaders a concept was developed for an education program for the junior classes of primary education. The program focusses on creating an emotional bond between the children and nature. Together with Koos de Koala they will start to think through the lens of nature and from that perspective go search for solutions.


The Koos de Koala program is developed in such a way that is aligns with the core goals and the pressing agendas of schools. The program provides an overarching framework about the earth, nature and climate and can be integrated within the regular lessons (maths, Dutch, etc.). As such, it’s not a one-off lesson that supports  a theme week, but a continuous program that is available during the whole school year. Koos is introduced on day 1 and takes a yearlong active place within class, and also joins in rotation the children at home. With the donation it is possible to finalize the program, digitalize the program in an online portal, develop interactive assignments with Augmented Reality and set-up targeted marketing to spread the program towards schools.


The support from Egeriado will enable stichting Koos de Koala to set-up and roll out their Climate Education program at schools in the Netherlands.

For more information: Koos de Koala Stichting – Koos de Koala

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