Jong Ondernemen

In 2020 Egeriado entered a one-year partnership with Jong Ondernemen to support them in the enhancement and further roll-out of the ‘Pop-Up Store’ program.


Jong Ondernemen wants to give all children a chance to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. They want to challenge them to learn entrepreneurial skills, motivate them to discover their talents and inspire them to determine their own future. Jong Ondernemen offers entrepreneurial programs for primary schools up to universities. 65% of the youth will be employed in jobs that do not yet exist, while our educational system at large remains unchanged. The gap between education and labour demand in business increases. We cannot influence what the jobs of the future will be, but we can influence the skills the youth must learn at school. And that’s exactly what Jong Ondernemen ensures.


Pop-Up Store is a program for group 7/8 where students learn to run their own company in 4 days. They discover the basic principles of business and entrepreneurship, and gain self-knowledge. The students form teams and with fictitious money they buy raw materials to develop their end products. They sell their products at a closing sales day. Based on thorough evaluations the Pop-Up Store will be enhanced to better align the program with the wishes of the users. There will be more focus on sustainability, visibility and guidance. Research done by the University of Amsterdam shows that children participating in the Pop-Up Store have more self-confidence, dare to take more risks, are more performance-oriented, proactive and creative and display greater perseverance.


The support from Egeriado will enable Jong Ondernemen to enhance the concept of the Pop-Up Store program and extend their reach at schools in the Netherlands.

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