GoodLife Foods

In 2019 Egeriado entered a one year partnership with GoodLife Foods (portfolio company of Egeria) to support them in the development and roll-out of their ESG program “Let’s Freeze”.


GoodLife Foods is a leading, frozen snack producer selling its products throughout Europe. GoodLife Foods is active in a broad range of frozen snack products including frikadellen, hamburgers, spring rolls, samosas and meat-free snacks for both frying and oven cooking. GoodLife Foods sells its products under the brands Beckers, Bicky, Daloon, De Vries Van Oers, Goodlife and Exellent, complemented with a full range of private label products.


At GoodLife Foods freezers contribute the most to their CO2 emissions. With the ESG program Let’s Freeze they are able to reduce the emissions significantly. By adding a conditioned cold-storage room prior to its freeze process, they can realize more optimal conditions for their products to enter the freezers. This provides for a decrease in temperature shock, thereby reducing ice conditions that make the reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions possible. In total this new situation realizes a 10% reduction in emissions, meaning 240 tonnes CO2, at one of the GoodLife factories. And so, the results of this ESG program will provide as input for the roll-out of similar enhancements in other factories at GoodLife Foods


The support from Egeriado will enable GoodLife Foods to develop and roll-out a conditioned cold-storage room prior to its freeze process. Thereby realizing a significant yearly reduction in CO2 emissions at one of their factories.

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