In 2019 Egeriado entered a two-year partnership with Foam to support their inter-generational photography project for third year ‘health and welfare’ vmbo students. Hereby, Foam and Egeriado hope to create more interest and recognition among these future professionals in this increasingly important sector.


Foam is an Amsterdam based museum that scouts, presents and stimulates young talented photographers in their career. With surprising and relevant projects Foam addresses national and international developments within society. Photography, to a large extent, determines our view of each other, ourselves and the world we live in. Foam has initiated multiple projects that connect different socials groups or generations to ensure essential but otherwise non-existing interaction.


Foam and Open Schoolgemeenschap Bijlmer have been working together since 2017 on the ‘Blik op Bijlmer’ course, in which third year vmbo students are introduced to elderly in their environment. It brings two generations closer together and teaches youngsters on a personal level wat elder care truly means and how culture can a be helpful means. In addition, they learn to reflect on their life and future. At the end of the course each student makes a personal ‘life book’ for his/her elderly that is presented during a festive end ceremony. Care institutions also believe this course to be of great importance and relevance, because these students are the caretakers of the future.


The support from Egeriado will enable Foam to test the current method on a second school, measure the impact of the project, and structurally make the methodology and trainings modules available. The ambition of the project is to make this methodology available to all schools in the Netherlands, so they can implement this course independently.

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