Stichting leerKRACHT

Egeriado entered a consecutive two-year partnership with Stichting leerKRACHT in 2020.


Stichting leerKRACHT was founded in 2012 with the aim to systematically tackle inequality in education in the Netherlands and enhance the educational system as a whole more sustainably, by helping schools to create an improvement culture. Its approach empowers teachers and creates opportunities for all students. The leerKRACHT approach is a carefully designed programme that includes the following leerKRACHT instruments: the board session, joint class design, class visits and feedback, as well as substantive student involvement.


The effect of LeerKRACHT is that teachers take more pleasure in their work and experience less work pressure. Students feel more involved and find learning more enjoyable. And school education is improved.


The support from Egeriado will enable Stichting leerKRACHT to roll out its method widely, in order to aim for 20% of all schools in the Netherlands to participate by 2022. Furthermore, it will provide for the digitisation of the materials/programmes that enable leerKRACHT to guarantee the availability of its approach to all schools in the Netherlands after 2022.

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