Our approach

Selection criteria

We seek to uphold Egeria’s core values in all our activities. We therefore select projects on the basis of the following criteria.


  • We value an entrepreneurial mindset: the ability to look beyond and across fixed solutions and borders, think out-of-the-box and turn the seemingly impossible creatively into reality.
  •  We support projects with a future ambition to operate mainly (financially) independent.


  • We are future orientated and support projects focused on long-term impact.
  • Development is a significant aspect of the project, the desire to make something truly ‘better’. Fundamentally it is about improving an underprivileged or disadvantaged situation.
  • We provide support for the longer term, not necessarily by means of a one-off investment but possibly over several years (1-3).


  • We want to work together to achieve great results, with each party contributing its own strengths.
  • We support projects that are open to cooperation and an optimum exchange of ‘resources’.
  • Projects that are open to take into account different visions and perspectives.


  • We keep it close to home: projects close to our company’s and employees’ capabilities and heart, our regular business, and operating from the Netherlands.
  • We wish to stay connected: both parties are easily accessible and approachable.

Application and selection process

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