Egeriado is the corporate giving programme of the Egeria investment company. It aims to provide financial support for projects in the Netherlands that have a lasting positive effect on mankind and society. Egeriado invests in projects that aim to deliver significant impact while maintaining an independent perspective on the future. These projects are intended to be largely financially independent over time.

DO (with emphasis on the ‘O’) is the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese term ‘Tao’, which essentially means the path back to the universe, or the path to self-development. Accordingly, Egeriado does not seek to give for the sake of giving, but to work together to achieve a lasting difference. Our ‘gift’ is an investment in the future, in development.

Projects seeking financial support from Egeriado have to meet a number of conditions. These include clear, measurable objectives, a businesslike approach and an ambition to achieve a significant, lasting impact. The projects are led by committed and enterprising people who believe in partnerships and the power of connection. Read more about our criteria here.


The world changes – constantly and continually. It is from that perspective that we care about the future and believe in development. Egeriado aims to achieve a significant impact by providing support and being a valuable partner for those who can make an essential, long-term difference for mankind and society.

Sometimes a small step by one party has a massive impact on another. We want to facilitate that leap forward, so together we can achieve what previously seemed impossible.

In some cases we provide financial support on a one-off basis, while in others we pledge long-term support. Egeriado believes in support that goes beyond money. That is why we always work with the people behind the project to see how we can best help them. Can we deploy our own people, knowledge and network? And vice-versa, we like to see what we can learn from the projects we support. As we believe in improvement through connection.





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